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Masterbatch (nylon tablets, plastic particles) special double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Masterbatch for Double Cone Vacuum Dryer is my factory in the new generation of drying apparatus combined with technology similar products developed, using a double cone vacuum belt - chain two elastic coupling manner, thus equipment running smoothly.

Detailed description

Masterbatch (nylon tablets, plastic particles) special double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Item Description:
        By a high proportion of a pigment or additives with the thermoplastic resin, the fine-dispersed plastic colorants, their choice of resin colorant having good wetting and dispersion, and with the coloring material having a good compatibility. Namely: the pigment carrier + + = additive masterbatches 
Engineering principles:
        Masterbatch dedicated dryer is closed in by the sandwich pass into the heat energy (such as hot water, low pressure steam or thermal oil), heat is passed through the inner shell material is dried masterbatch. Under driving of power, the tank is rotated slowly tank masterbatch constantly mixed to achieve enhanced drying purposes. Masterbatch in a vacuum, vapor pressure drops to a moisture (solvent) saturated masterbatch surface and evaporates, and is discharged by the vacuum pump and timely recovery. Masterbatch internal moisture (solvent) continuously to the surface infiltration, evaporation, discharge three ongoing process, the purpose of drying the material in a very short period of time.
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