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High level resume
Lu Wenguang Biography      
Name: Lu WenguangSex: MaleAge: 49Nationality: ChineseBirthplace: ChangzhouPosition: General ManagerTitle: EngineerPolitical affiliation: CommunistEducation: Bachelor
resume:      1988 Sanhekou graduated from high school 
               1988-1992, work in Changzhou drying plant, served as shop workers, technicians, costing member 
       1992-1999, work in Changzhou City, the second drying plant, any director of operations         
               94 years to 97 years in Hohai university, graduate. 
             2000 founded the self-financing Changzhou Yutong Drying Equipment Co., as chairman and general manager, led the team, work hard in 2013 to increase the company's expansion, standardized management, large-scale expansion, re-integration and renamed as Jiangsu Yutong drying Engineering Limited. The company reached a million sales in 2015, he has written a         "closed-loop solvent recovery spray granulation drying machine research and development" and "Design and Application of Layered belt dryer" and other papers published in professional journals . He was involved in the industry standards developed a "scraper dryer drum jacket," "boiling granulating machine," "centrifugal spray drier," "vibration fluidized bed dryer", "belt dryer" "hot plate continuous vacuum dryer", "box-type dryer" and other industry standards; developed under the auspices of the "spin flash dryer", "boiling dryer", "closed-loop solvent recovery vertical boiling dryer," "filter washing vacuum dryer, "" low-boiling solvent recovery double cone rotary vacuum dryer "," electrical insulating materials flow through circulation oven "and other industry standards, and adopted the" People's Republic of China Ministry of industry and information technology "publish. For the protection of independent innovation on its own research and development of new technologies and achievements of national patents, it has won the "active ingredients of plant continuous extraction system", "botanical active ingredients sequential extraction extraction system", "boiling dry system", "boiling fluidized bed drying equipment "," continuous dryer dehydrated vegetables dehydrated vegetables production line "," plant active ingredients multistage continuous automatic percolation extraction system and its working methods "," ribbon vacuum dryer, "" multi-purpose drying system " "closed loop solvent recovery system and spray granulation drying dry host and its working methods", "dual-use one machine to extract and extract its working methods", "spray granulation fluidized drying unit centrifugal spray drying tower." "spray granulation fluidized bed drying system horizontal boiling" and other patents, and "boiling fluidized drying device", "continuous processing equipment dehydrated vegetables", "spin flash dryer", "centrifugal spray dryer group" "A tape drying machine", "closed loop spray granulation drying and solvent recovery device," "vibration fluidized bed dryer", "square vacuum dryer", "sterile arm double cone rotary vacuum drying machine "and other utility model patents. 
       China Building Materials Group and has co-developed the use of waste heat from cement calcining kiln dried organic sludge, the organic sludge is dried to further calcined to cement drying production line sets, and Jishou University to develop the use of turmeric soap production new technology and new equipment pigment, to overcome the traditional production process, will produce a lot of waste, defects environmental pollution. And China Agricultural University experts jointly developed chestnut powder drying sterilization machine, to solve the traditional routing long after sterilization product quality decline or absence of high-temperature sterilization cause bacteria levels, product failure problems. In cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, developed a new suppository granulating equipment, greatly improving the controlled release suppositories, comfort and other quality indicators.         
He led the business activities, the company's business decisions and investment plans. Collect customer reflect, study the market demand, adjust the direction of corporate management, so that enterprises continue to develop. Shaping corporate image, public relations activities undertaken on behalf of foreign enterprises. 
Under his leadership the company passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, the country finds new standard for high-tech enterprises, the production of equipment by the US International Quality Certification Committee awarded the "high-quality recommendation certificate" and the Jiangsu Science and Technology Association awarded the "outstanding scientific and technological products in East China certificate." The company re-image, a brand, for many years was named "Jiangsu Province famous enterprises (brand)", "Jiangsu AAA grade quality and integrity of corporate brands", "excellent private enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province AAA credit rating companies" and so on.
The Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. chairman and general manager duties


Charles Yongqiang Biography      
Name: Charles YongqiangSex: MaleAge: 31Nationality: ChineseBirthplace: ChangzhouPosition: Vice President of SalesTitle: EngineerPolitical affiliation: CommunistEducation: Bachelor
resume:      September 2004 - June 2008, Suzhou University and graduated in June 2008, Bachelor of Business Administration 
               in July 2005 - September 2005 summer practice in Changzhou drying plant as a modern foreign trade assistant, responsible for company products are sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and other areas, the development of quarterly sales plan to expand the customer base and to maintain good relations of cooperation, track sales, is expected to complete the sales target. 
       June 2006 - September 2006 summer practice in Changzhou City Yutong drying equipment company office site development manager, responsible for the development and design of the site, the site is responsible for the daily maintenance and management for all types of industrial customers and residential customers network online trading services for its own business model, the network covers electronic transactions B2B, B2C and P2C.         
June 2007 - August 2007 summer practice in Changzhou City Yutong drying equipment sales company office network through Alibaba sign up to the product launch Alibaba online trading, and achieved good results, the establishment of B2B trading patterns, regular communication with customers, establish long-term cooperative relationship, and through Baidu, Sohu, Sina and other established links to websites in various aspects of the promotion, to achieve the electronic payment network payment, the company has made great effectiveness , but also exercise their own. 
2007 of 9- December 2008 internship in Taiwan BenQ Group, is responsible for development and maintenance of key customers, is responsible for tracking and delivery orders, through proficiency in the company's ERP management software, greatly enhance the work efficiency. 
       March 2009 - has worked in Jiangsu Province Yutong Drying Engineering Co. as vice president of sales, the implementation of the rules and regulations and operational guidelines issued by the company and the various departments of the work and indicators. Develop new business, adjust marketing ideas, strengthen process management sales staff work, so that the effectiveness of the work has improved. Responsible for the company's strategic goals and plans, develop marketing strategies, organization and implementation of practical implementation of sales; the company is responsible for determining the cost of sales, project schedule periodic sales, advertising programs, and to ensure the promotion of the implementation of projects and programs; responsible for advertisers choose , responsible for communication with the mass media, advertising agencies; responsible for the advertising monitoring summary, study customer feedback, surveys sales strategy implementation; Yutong eight years, the main planning some major dry items such as pigments, dyes dedicated flash steaming and drying rake drying production line, dedicated production line of lithium battery materials drying, drying production line waste salt treatment, herbal extract, licorice, granule formulation Spray dryer, sucralose dedicated the fluidized bed drying production line, activated carbon impregnated dried dedicated production lines, special hormones ribbon drying production line, functional carbohydrate dedicated dry granulation production lines, aluminum powder mixed production lines, grain masterbatch nylon engineering plastics particles, PC, PE special dryers, antibiotics, oxytetracycline special air drying production line, pesticide intermediates special drying production line and other projects.
The Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co., vice president of sales
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