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  • 2016-09-30 | Experts - Chinese boron industry Lifetime Contribution Award Winner

    Zheng scientist: male, aged 72 years old. Professors, senior engineer, Chinese Chemical Society boride LEG inorganic acid salt Professional Committee leader, chief expert, Chinese boron industry Lifetime Contribution Award winner. Has a carbon-alkali process ascharite preparation industry borax (with our own intellectual property rights), more sodium borate treatment ascharite prepared boric acid 13 industrial research.

  • 2016-09-30 | How to choose the drying equipment manufacturers? Selected drying equipment to dry on Yutong

          Faced with the market continue the vicious price competition; the face of the network, on countless magazine drying equipment manufacturers; the face of a lot of attention to the packaging and not to repair the internal strength of the peer-drying equipment; face both a salesman and a technician is the boss small workshops; faced with perfect design and no executable possible non-standard design; the face of a basketful of old size bronze stalled so-called industry leader …

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