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Address:No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City 213116, Jiangsu,China

High tech products
  • DW-type heat exchanger built-in type with dryer
  • FZG square vacuum dryer type
  • SXG medicinal type flash dryer
  • Rotary Vacuum Dryer SZG double cone-type arm
  • ZDG automatic turn vibrating fluidized bed dryer
  • Closed-loop solvent recovery spray granulation dryer
  • Boiling large amplitude vibration fluidized bed dryer
  • Tank metal powder mixer
  • New energy-saving combination of flash drying unit
  • Hollow ribbon vacuum dryer
  • Sucralose boiling drying and cooling system
  • Intelligent Multi-kinetic vacuum dryer group
  • Smart nuts and dried food cooking deep-processing production line
  • Intelligent spray granulation fluidized drying unit
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