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Yutong culture

1. Enterprise spirit:

Relying on the quality of equipment

In order to continuously improve customer service, create enterprise brand

2. Staff spirit:

Strive to open up and develop ourselves, adhere to everything from me

He is kind and devout, and does not evade or shirk problems

We should adhere to cooperation and stability as the basis, improve deficiencies, and be determined to innovate.

You find problems and don't try to solve them, which leads to the decline of the company

3. Manager spirit:

The manager should be responsible for the customers and employees

What's wrong with the employee is the problem with the manager

Management is not only to manage, but also to manage

Do a big thing well = do a lot of small things x management and overall planning ability

4. Our values:

To serve the society, the laborer is very glorious

The customer is our God

To damage the interests of the company is to damage the interests of every employee on the job. Therefore, every employee should fight against this kind of behavior

A person's value = his own value (positive) + the value he brings to others in the team (positive or negative) is a big difference

5. Our team view:

See difficulties as a way to test yourself

Cooperation is greater than confrontation, which is the foundation of our success

Personal shortcomings are not terrible, the key is to see other people's advantages, compare yourself

Don't be arrogant, success is because a group of people are great

They are often because their performance is beyond their expectations, should see further

6. Our work view:

Society doesn't need us - if we don't provide competitive services

Companies don't need us - if we don't provide valuable contributions

If you don't do a good job, you don't have a job

A person who is not responsible for his work is not trustworthy

Your small mistakes can cause great trouble to others

7. Our common ideal:

Be a model of the times and create a brand of the enterprise.

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