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Graphite dedicated flash dryer

With the rapid development of the global new energy, new materials, coated with broad areas of a battery of new battery materials has become a new field in recent years...

Detailed description

Graphite dedicated flash dryer

project description:
       Graphite and carbon products have excellent performance, used widely, productivity and efficiency was a rapid growth trend. In 2011, the Chinese graphite and carbon products industry is developing rapidly, enterprises in the industry to a higher cost of management and control ability, strong profitability. National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2011, China's graphite and carbon products industry realized a total industrial output value 167.564 billion yuan; sales income of 167.765 billion yuan, an increase of 40.58%; total profit of 10.959 billion yuan, an increase of 50.87%. With the application of the continuous promotion of Chinese graphite and carbon products industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
Item Description:
       Graphite (Graphite) is a crystalline form of carbon. Hexagonal, iron ink to dark gray. Density of 2.25 g / cm 3, hardness 1.5, melting point 3652 ℃, boiling point 4827 ℃. Soft, creamy feel, conductive. Chemically inert, corrosion-resistant, acid, alkali and other less reactive. Strengthening heat in air or oxygen, it can burn and produce carbon dioxide. It will be a strong oxidant oxidized to organic acids. Used as anti-friction agent and lubricating materials, manufacture crucibles, electrodes, batteries, pencil lead. High purity graphite can be used as a neutron moderator in nuclear reactors. Often referred to as a carbon or graphite, as had previously been mistaken for lead.
Graphite dedicated flash dryer equipment Overview: 
       graphite rotary flash dryer is my factory based on years of practical experience, self-developed a new generation of products. The product through the development - Design - proof - to improve multiple cycles of ascent, its advanced technology and sophisticated structure, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, have reached advanced domestic level. Based on its excellent performance, the machine has been widely used in pesticides, paints, dyes, pharmaceuticals, feed, food, paint, fertilizer and fine chemical industries, and has played an efficient, fast, energy-efficient, small and no large-scale production equipment purpose pollution operations. 
       I plant with advanced management system, strong technical force, rich practical experience and improve after-sales service, according to the material properties responsible units, process conditions, plant layout, computer-aided design (CAD), efficiently and quickly, accurate for you to design the best solution. 
Graphite dedicated flash dryer works:
       After the clean-air heat exchanger is heated by bubbling air inlet, a suitable speed the drying chamber is screwed into the bottom of the annulus, and then press the tangential direction into the drying chamber and spiraling rise : At the same time, the material can be stepless feeder by dosed column. In the drying tower, hot air with the material sufficiently efficient heat conversion substance, the dried powder material conveyed together along with hot air to a separator, where the finished packaging and collection, and the exhaust gas is further processed after emptying the dust removing device. 
       In the bottom of the drying tower equipped with a volute type air distributor and agitator speed of the motor speed by adjusting the external variable speed. Stirrer has two functions: it can be driven into the hot air drying chamber to produce high-speed rotation of the air from the distribution chamber, thus forming a stable fluidized bed, to avoid clogging due to local generated instability such as spouted channeling Chung fluidization; secondly, due to the multiple sets of high-speed rotating blade stirrer for bulk materials continuously crushed, so that the outer dry wet granules continuously wrapped, peeled, grated surface constantly updated, increasing the heat transfer area, thereby strengthening the quality of heat exchange and improve the drying rate. In addition, the blade and the wall of the drying tower clearance stirrer minimal, clean out the adhesive material on the walls, in order to prevent the material long-term stay and degeneration. To ensure that the material invariant decomposition tower wall equipped with a cooling jacket for heat-sensitive materials can be one hundred percent quality assurance department. Volute type air distributor, so tangential entry of hot air evenly through the bottom of the annulus was spiraling reasonable annulus wind speed to ensure the material well-fluidized drying. 
       In the middle of the drying tower, stepless doser constantly added to the material. At the same time, the material is crushed and then the bottom of the agitator is rotating at high speed blowing hot air in the drying chamber formed a relatively stable fluidized bed. Place between the material and the hot air with rapid and sufficient heat and moisture exchange, most of the water evaporates in the process is complete. High moisture content, surface area of small material particles due to their buoyancy greater than gravity, settling in the drying chamber, the sinking process of continuous drying, crushing the movement in the end portion and the high-speed airflow impact blades, further crushing and drying, this its gravity is less than buoyant, particle movement began to rise. 
       In the upper part of the drying chamber, an annular baffle that classifier. Rising material entrained with the rotating air stream due to centrifugal force, chunks, the water does not meet the requirements (ie, a larger proportion) material by centrifugal force, which increases the radius of rotation, when the radius of rotation is greater than the radius of the classifier when It is blocked in the drying chamber further dried and crushed until it meets the requirements just overflow. Fine pulverized body was dried in drying chamber Central entrained with the air to rise, due to their smaller particle size and the requirements to achieve the water (i.e., a smaller proportion), the centrifugal force is relatively small, the rotation radius is less than the radius of the classifier, and then with airflow discharged to the collecting device. 
Graphite dedicated flash dryer features: 
1, the drying chamber provided at the bottom pyramid-like structure, so that the cross-sectional area of the bottom-up flow of gas dryer constantly Jiaotong University, the bottom of the gas velocity is relatively large, the upper air> velocity is relatively small, so as to ensure the lower part of the large particles in a fluidized state while the upper part of the small particles in a fluidized state. The cone structure was also shortened stirring shaft cantilevered portion, thereby increasing the reliability of operation. In addition, this structure can effectively prevent the poor state of the bearing in the high temperature zone of work, thus extending bearing life. 
2, stirring blade teeth set. The material was stirred in shaking teeth grinding while rotating, and was thrown to the wall, stuck on the wall, if not stick to the wall of the material scraped serious "scarring" phenomenon occurs, resulted in the normal operating. Stirring blade upper teeth installation, you can ensure that the material in front of the wall with a strong bond, which was peeling. 
3, the top of the drying chamber is provided with grading ring. Its main function is to larger particles, the separation has not yet dried material Dangxia continue dried to ensure compliance with product narrow particle size distribution, uniform moisture content requirements. 
4, cone bottom hot air inlet of a cooling jacket. Hot start contact with the material at high temperature, generally close to the hot air temperature, much higher than the temperature of the bed, the operation will inevitably lead to a small part of the bonding material in the vicinity of the annulus, the residence time is too long, resulting in material deterioration, and even melting, in order to avoid this phenomenon, additional partial jacket, can be reduced where the wall temperature to operate smoothly. 
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