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Ternary material special vacuum tray dryer

With the rapid development of the global new energy, new materials, coated with broad areas of a battery of new battery materials has become a new field in recent years,

Detailed description

Ternary material special vacuum tray dryer

project description:
      With the rapid development of the global new energy, new materials, coated with broad areas of a battery of new battery materials has become a new field in recent years, the rapid development of its production process requires very revolutionary auxiliary equipment to complete, for battery (electromagnetic) material (ternary material, etc.) of the relevant characteristics, we have developed special battery materials drying equipment should be shipped out of.
Material Overview:
       Ternary material (Ternary) "international authoritative dictionary Merriam-webster on the" Three "definition is" Having three elements, parts, or divisions or arranged in threes ". Therefore, the" ternary material "is defined by the three chemical components (element), component (elemental and compounds) or part (parts) of the overall composition of materials, including alloys, inorganic non-metallic materials, organic materials, polymer composite materials, widely used in mineral extraction, metallurgy, material processing, new energy and other industries. 
Cathode material:
       Ternary material is lithium cobalt oxide LiCoO2, ternary material is a nickel-cobalt manganese lithium Li (NiCoMn) O2, ternary cathode material precursor product is nickel salt, cobalt salt, manganese salt as raw materials, nickel and cobalt inside manganese ratio can be adjusted according to actual needs, ternary material made with respect to the positive electrode of lithium cobalt oxide battery safety, but the platform is too low, there will be significant capacity used in mobile phones (mobile phones cutoff voltage is generally about 3.4V) feeling inadequate, in some cottage phone has a battery with ternary materials, especially high-capacity battery. Lithium iron phosphate capacity to play a low, not suitable for the pursuit of high-capacity mobile phone battery requirements ..
Anode material:
       Lithium-ion battery anode material, such as "Silicon Nanowire / Super-P / Polyaniline" and "Silicon Nanoparticles / Carbon Nanotubes / Polypyrrole" and other ternary anode composite. June 2013, "Nano Letters" published an article entitled "Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Ternary Nanostructures for High-Performance Li-Ion Battery Anodes", the use of synthetic P- polypyrrole wrapped silicon nanoparticles and the use of single wall carbon nanotubes do electric enhancer significantly improved electrochemical cycling stability and rate capability. in addition, its low cost, high efficiency and good compatibility with industrial processes disorder caused widespread attention.
project description:
       Lithium iron phosphate select disc dryer is a highly efficient conduction of continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle determines that it has high equivalent thermal power efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient control, good operating environment and other characteristics, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, agricultural processing and other industries drying operation. Well received in various industries practice. Now manufacturing pressure, sealed, vacuum three types. 1200,1500,2200,3000 four of each specification, S (carbon steel), B (contact material part of the uniform stainless steel), C (on the basis of B on the increase in steam pipes, main shaft and support of stainless steel, barrel and cap lined stainless steel). Three materials, dry area 4-180M2, hundreds of models of products, and can provide a matching seed auxiliary equipment, users can meet the needs of a variety of materials to dry.
Engineering principles:
       PLG series disc continuous dryer disc dryer on the first layer disc with leaf rake rake arm rotary motion to do so continuously rake leaves flip materials, material flow along the helix index over the dry plate surface, small drying material on the disc moves to the outer edge, and falls below the outer edge of the large drying plate in the outer edge of the material to the large drying plate in the middle of moving from falling into the blanking plate and dried under a layer of small size drying plates are arranged alternately, the material to continuously flow through the entire dryer, heating medium through the hollow of the dry plate, heating medium from one end into the other end of the export, dried material falls from the last case the underlying layer of drying plate, rake leaves finally moved to the discharge port. Water vapor evaporated by the setting at the top of the exhausts from the outlet, entrained dust is recovered by pulse dust collector, exhaust fan vented to the outdoors by the humidity. Bottom discharge of dry materials can be packed directly.
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