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Food engineering industry

Garlic tablets, chili and vegetable drying belt dryer

This series is designed for electronic products in baking, preheating, curing, drying production technology and the development of new products. As electronic products diode high temperature uniformity requirements and the development of new products, unique program temperature control (paragraph 1 ...

Detailed description

Garlic tablets, chili and vegetable drying belt dryer

project description:
       I study in the traditional net belt dryer, based on the development of device-specific, highly targeted and practical, high energy efficiency. Widely used in various regional and seasonal vegetables, fruit dehydration dry. Such as: garlic, pumpkin, konjac, white radish, yam, bamboo shoots. So far, it has been developed to the third generation DWT series vegetable dehydration dryer. When we as users, production equipment, according to the desired characteristics of the dried product, the user process requirements, combined with decades of accumulated experience, designed for users of the most applicable. Best quality vegetables drying equipment. 
Item Description:
       Vegetables, is one that can cook, cooking has become a food plants or fungi, vegetables are essential to people's daily diet of food. Vegetables can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients necessary for human body. According to 1990 statistics FAO international substances, essential 90% VC's, 60% VA from vegetables. In addition, there are a wide variety of vegetables and phytochemicals, people recognized for healthy and effective ingredients, nutrients present in fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic, degenerative diseases of various substances, it is being found. 
Engineering principles:
       dehydrated vegetables dryer respectively, feeder, drying beds, heat and humidity and fans and other major components. 
       Dryer operation. Cold air through the heat exchanger for heating, using scientific and reasonable cycle mode, the hot air flow through a uniform heat and mass transfer through the bed surface of the material to be dried, the body of the unit under the action of heat airflow circulating hot air circulating fan Finally, low temperature and high humidity of the air is discharged, smoothly and efficiently complete the entire drying process. 
① The Drying area, air pressure, air flow, drying temperature belt running speed can be adjusted. To adapt to the characteristics and quality requirements of vegetables. 
② According to the characteristics of vegetables, using a different process and add supporting the necessary auxiliary equipment. 
Dehydrated vegetables and drying performance to meet high-volume continuous production of root, stem, leaf strips, blocks, plates, large granular and other vegetable materials, and can maximize the retention of nutrients and product color. 
Typical dry materials are: garlic, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onion, apple and so on.

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