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Transformer insulating materials special oven


Detailed description

Transformer insulating materials special oven

working principle:
       The series used in all axial fans, equipped with an automatic climate control system and computer control systems for backup selection. Thermal efficiency of about 70%, which is the use of steam or electric heat with axial fan for heat convection heat transfer mode heated air, hot air laminar flow through the baking tray and materials for heat transfer. Continuously added in fresh air with exhaust heat air constantly, so that to ensure an appropriate relative humidity within the oven. The most important feature of this series is part of the oven circulates hot air inside, the whole process is a closed loop, thus increasing the heat, saving energy.
1, a wide range of application and can be used for drying various materials and is a versatile drying equipment. 
2, most of the hot air inside the loop, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation. 
3, the use of forced ventilation box with adjustable air divider plate, uniform drying. 
4, the heat source can be steam, thermal oil, hot water, electricity, far infrared, etc., a wide choice. 
5, wide application, can be used for drying various materials and is a versatile drying equipment. 
6, suitable for large temperature range, according to user requirements, up to room temperature deg.] C to 350 
7, Machine noise, running balance, temperature controlled, easy installation and maintenance.

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