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Graphene Spray Dryer

graphite and carbon products have excellent performance, used widely, productivity and efficiency was a rapid growth trend. In 2011, the Chinese graphite and carbon products industry is developing rapidly, enterprises in the industry to a higher cost of management control, profitability ...

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Graphene Spray Dryer

project description:
       Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research and practice of drying technology and new materials, and provide technical support for many new drying material manufacturer. Not long ago, a domestic manufacturer of graphene contact with me on issues of graphene drying equipment with our company for a number of in-depth discussion. Our sample workshop with a spray drying equipment can be used for drying graphene simulation test. The final conclusion is: using a spray can graphene dried to meet the technical requirements of graphene dry goods. 
Item Description:
       Graphene (Graphene) is stripped out from the graphite material, composed of carbon atoms only one atom thick two-dimensional crystal. In 2004, the University of Manchester physicist Andrei lid Farm and Konstantin Novoselov, successfully isolated graphene from graphite, it confirmed that it can stand alone, and therefore they also shared the 2010 Connaught Nobel Prize in Physics. Graphene not only the thinnest material, is the most robust materials, fracture strength is even higher than the best steel 200 times. At the same time it have good flexibility, tensile amplitude can reach 20% of its own size. It is the nature of the thinnest, highest strength material, if made hammock with an area of ​​1 square meter of graphene, its own weight less than 1 milligram can withstand a one kilogram cat. Graphene is currently the most promising applications is becoming a substitute for silicon manufacturing ultra-miniature transistors, for the production of future supercomputers. Replacing silicon with graphene, the operating speed of the computer processor will be hundreds of times faster. In addition, graphene is almost completely transparent, absorbed only 2.3 percent of the light. On the other hand, it is very compact, even the smallest gas atom (helium atoms) can not penetrate. These characteristics make it very suitable as a raw material transparent electronic products, such as a transparent touch screen, light board and solar panels. 
      As the discovery of the thinnest, highest intensity, the strongest thermal conductivity properties of a new type of nano-materials, graphene is known as "black gold" and "King of new materials," scientists have even predicted that graphene will "revolutionize the 21st Century . " It is likely to lead to a disruptive new technology sweeping new global industrial revolution. 
      China Telecom held in Guangzhou Trade Fair 2016 Tianyi intelligent terminal, unveiled a graphene Luoma Shi Bao charging 10 minutes can be filled 6000mAh, claims to "open up a new era of energy storage."
Engineering principles:
      Graphene drying has been involved. As a new type of lithium battery materials, it has a very broad market prospects lithium dryer. Currently in graphene production process, common mainly: slight rubbing method or tear tape method (paste H0PG), SiC heating method, a metal substrate by chemical vapor deposition, oxidation-reduction method. Since the first three methods yield is low or the equipment is expensive, tedious process and other reasons not suitable for mass production of graphene. Redox method because of its advantages of higher yield relatively more suitable for mass production. It is prepared by oxidation of customers reducing graphene method. Wherein the redox along with advances in technology, the traditional redox prepared graphene using hydrazine hydrate as reducing agent is prepared, because of their highly toxic nature, it has been gradually phased out Reduction Act replaced. That the use of 1000 ℃ high temperature in the reduction reaction, leading equipment microwave oven. Using this microwave irradiation Preparation of graphene a very short cycle, low cost, simple operation, but must request a powder state into a microwave furnace. Water graphite oxide to be dehydrated into a powder, then microwave heating and, ultimately, graphene dry goods. My company after full understanding of the process, and ultimately the use of a spray drying graphene.
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