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Bio pharmaceutical industry

Antibiotics, oxytetracycline special air dryer

According to materials provided by the antibiotic oxytetracycline and customers, our company based on the nature, characteristics of the material, after testing, select the air dryer to address customer needs.

Detailed description

Antibiotics, oxytetracycline special air dryer

Item Description:
       Antibiotics (antibiotics) are a class of secondary metabolites with anti-pathogen or other activity by the micro-organisms (including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes genus) or higher plants and animals in the process of life produced, can interfere with other functional living cell development chemicals. The compound is now commonly used in clinical antibiotic genetically engineered bacteria in liquid culture medium chemically extracts and synthetic or semi-synthetic. Currently known natural antibiotic less than million. Antibiotics are mainly secondary metabolites or synthetic analogs by bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms. After the 1990s, scientists will expand the range of antibiotics, collectively referred to as bio-pharmaceutical factors. Mainly used to treat a variety of bacterial infections or diseases pathogenic microbial infections, do not have serious side effects in general to its host. 
       Oxytetracycline as a pale yellow or sugar-coated tablets, belongs to tetracyclines, may be used to treat rickettsial diseases including epidemic typhus, endemic typhus, Rocky Mountain fever, scrub typhus and Q fever, mycoplasma infection Chlamydia infection and other diseases. 
working principle:
       QG series pulse air dryer is large quantities of drying equipment, which uses instant drying principle, the use of rapid movement of the heating air, driving the wet material, wet material suspended in the hot air, so strengthen the whole drying process, improve heat and mass transfer rate, after air-drying material, unbound water is almost completely removed (for example: material feed moisture content of about ≤40%, the material may be finished 13.5% starch, etc.), and the dried material , no deterioration phenomenon, generally drier than the yield has improved significantly, users can achieve a higher economic benefits in the short term. Our manufacturing QG series air drying equipment, the introduction of advanced US technology and equipment, through a unique design, has reached the international advanced level class, this high degree of automation throughout the equipment, low investment, low energy consumption, take up less human and plant area wide common plane, is the ideal modern equipment. 
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