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Pieces of Chinese medicine with a special dryer

Our company research in the traditional net belt dryer, based on the development of device-specific, highly targeted and practical, high energy efficiency. Widely used in various regional and seasonal vegetables, fruit dehydration dry. Such as: garlic, pumpkin, konjac ...

Detailed description

Pieces of Chinese medicine with a special dryer

project description:
        Chinese Herbal Medicine dried directly related to the quality Pieces, previously dried in line with certification requirements and can reduce the cost of solar houses, but few companies solar house design and unreasonable, one small area, can not meet the production requirements. Second, the sun room with inadequate facilities, only dust-proof function, there is no supporting ventilation, dehumidification, ground planes and other means, slow drying. The company designed according to the characteristics of Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese Herbal Medicine to meet with a dryer, using a belt dryer for drying equipment Pieces, climate, and health than natural drying, and can shorten the drying time, but mass production .
Item Description:
        Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese herbal medicine after by Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medicine processing methods processed after processing, can be directly used in Chinese medicine clinical medicine. This concept shows that Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces, and there is no absolute boundaries, including some of the Chinese Herbal Medicine by origin processed slices of Chinese medicine (including cut, block, flap), and a prototype medicine Pieces after cutting (the origin of the processing on the basis of ), artillery Sunburn Pieces. Chinese herbal medicines should be regarded as the first two categories of management, just as when you understand Pieces recipe formulation according to Chinese medicine theory. Pieces and management concept to be understood as meaning: "According to the need to deploy or formulation net medicinal origin processed further by cutting, artillery Sunburn from the finished product is called Chinese Herbal Medicine." September 8, 2012, 12 enterprises Chinese Herbal Medicine traced with chemical raw materials dyeing drugs. 
Device Description:
belt dryer from the feed system, feeding system, air intake filtration systems, heating and cooling system, the host, transmission, bypass filtration systems, discharge systems, ventilation exhaust systems, control systems and other components. In operation, the feed system fed to the feeding system, the material is added belt dryer, the material passing through the network with the through-flow of hot air, cold air meet, heat transfer, mass transfer, recycling of hot air to make more energy low, up to a certain humidity, the humidity and forcibly take away part of the water, dried and cooled material is completed. Features: 1, the ratio of the hot air inlet air temperature by adjusting the valve control display to control the inlet air temperature within a set range. 2, belt speed adjustable frequency to ensure that the residence time of the material, but also to ensure the quality of the material. 3, drive motor, stirring motor, humidity and fan frequency adjustable. 4, with the underlying network machine with a bottom made of an inclined surface so that the material collected, cleaned. 5, the device production is completed, the drive transmission system commissioning, no abnormal noise and jamming. 6, is provided on the silo stirred ultrasonic level detector, to ensure a reasonable stock level, with front linkage transmission lines, making production lines more smoothly. 7, each part of the housing gate insulation, sealed, and easy to open and close. 8, both sides of each unit has a cleaning access door can be directly flush inside the device.
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