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Battery material industry

Lithium iron phosphate vacuum rake dryer

In recent years, China lithium battery production has increased dramatically, by the end of 2009, production of lithium-ion battery cable up to 1.875 billion dollars.

Detailed description

Lithium iron phosphate vacuum rake dryer

Item Description:
        Lithium-ion battery performance depends mainly on the anode and cathode materials, lithium iron phosphate as a new lithium ion battery cathode material, its safety performance and cycle life than other cathode material has obvious advantages, the battery is also the most important technical indicators . Lithium iron phosphate with non-toxic, harmless, safe and good, long life and other advantages, has become a new generation of lithium-ion batteries ideal cathode material. 
working principle:
         Horizontal mixing vacuum dryer is the use of the material in the water under vacuum to reduce the boiling point of the drying characteristics of the device. The device with steam (hot water, thermal oil) on the jacket indirect heating, water heating and evaporation timely extraction. In a dryer inside the housing through the shaft driven rake, rake teeth end has a certain angle with the axis of the design, by the forward-reverse rotation of the spindle, axial movement of the material in order to facilitate drying and discharging. Casing can be added to two or four percussion stick, in order to facilitate rapid drying pulverized material. Tap to stick with long, hollow thick-walled stainless steel tube housing, etc., which in the interior of the housing is free to move, continue tapping percussion rod inside material, the material is constantly crack (material greater than the surface area ) to accelerate the drying process, the better the quality of the finished material.
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