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Drying oven and belt drying series

DWT Series Dryer


Detailed description

DWT Series Dryer for vegetable dehydration is special equipment researched and developed on the basis of traditional net belt dryer, it has stronger pertinency, practicability and high efficiency of energy. It is wide used for all kinds of vegetables dehydration such as garlic, cushaw, giantarum, white turnip, yam, bamboo shoot, etc at different region and season, our company has more than 100 of customers and over 80 of production line in operation. Our company is an enterprise with experienced to manufacture dryer of vegetables dehydration. The technicians of our factory carry out after sales service for customers all the year round and help customers to debug and produce. Therefore they have got first-hand practical data and combined domestic and abroad advanced technology and improved and perfect the equipment. Till the third generation. DWT series dryer for vegetable dehydration has been developed. We are making advanced productive equipment for customers. According to the characteristics of raw materials too be dried and the process requirements of customers and combined the accumulated experience for more than ten years. We have made the most suitable and the dryer for vegetable dehydration too supply customers.


*Its dry area, air pressure, air amount, dry temperature and speed of net belt can be adjusted in order to suitable for different characteristics of vegetable and the requirement of quality.

*It can adopt different process and equip necessary auxiliary equipment in accordance with different characteristics of vegetable.


Belt dryer is continuous dryer for large production. It is used for drying sheet material, bar material granules materials that have good air permeability.

*It can meet to dry different vegetable such as root, halm, leaf, tuberos rot, big granules and produce in batch. Meanwhile it can maintain content of nutrition, color, etc of vegetable in most extent.

*The type raw materials are garlic, cushaw, giantarum, while turnip, yam, bamboo shoot, capsicum, onion, apple, coconut, etc.

Principle of work:

*The dryer for vegetable dehydration consists of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger, damp exhaust fan, etc.

* When operation, air will be entered into dryer and heated through heat exchanger. Being adopted scientific and reasonable cycle method, the hot air will pass through raw materials to be dried on the bed and carry out uniform heat exchange. Under the action of cycle fan, the hot air stream inside each unit of the dryer will carry out hot air cycle. Final air with low temperature and high damp will be out. The whole drying process with stably and high effect will be finished

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