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Vacuum and conduction drying series

Double Conical Revolving Vacuum Dryer


Detailed description

Principle of work.

SZG Double Conical Revolving Vacuum Dryer is double conical rotating cylinder. Under the state of vacuum in the cylinder, pass conduction oil or hot water into the jacket to heat. The heat will be contacted with damp raw material through inner wall. The evaporated steam after the raw material absorbed heat will be exhausted through vacuum pump. Because the inner of cylinder is in vacuum state and the cylinder make raw material turn over from up to down and from inner to outer, the drying speed is fastened and the drying efficiency is improved, and the purpose of uniform drying can be reached.

The Double Conical Revolving Vacuum Dryer is a new style dryer integrated mixing and drying in one body. It is equipped with condensate and vacuum pump. (If the solvent does not recover, the condensate may not be used). The design of this machine is advanced and its inner structure is simple. So it is convenient to clean and the raw material can be discharged fully and its operation is very simple. It can reduce labour and improve working environment. At sometime when the cylinder is rotating, the raw material is rotated too, the materials of cylinder can not be accumulated on the container. It is coefficient of thermal transmission is high and the drying speed is high. Not only can save energy but also the material can be dried fully and uniformly and the quality of product is high. It can be used wide for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff dyestuff, etc.

Scope of application: The machine is suitable for vacuum mixing and drying of powder and granules raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry foodstuff industry etc. 

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