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Canada Bean Protein LPG-200 Spray Dryer shipped to Canada
From:Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.  Time:2023-10-10  Visit:

Currently, we arranged shipment of one set of bean protein spray dryer to Canada, model LPG-200, internal diameter 3.8m, external diameter 4m. 

Customers found us in this Spring, and told us his vexations about purchasing spray dryers, since in China it is difficult to book accessories like that all the motors, electrical components, natural gas burner 440V, 60HZ, simultaneously all the electrical components should to comply with CSA standard. We contacted all of our potential suppliers in China and finally we can supply that kinds of spray dryer!

Finally customer made the decision to place the orders with LPG-200 soon, diameter inner 3.8/ external 4.0m, height 9.5, this also the maximum size we can manufacture complete dryer at our factory in China, then ship by flat rack container subsequently.  Customers just assemble the spare parts according to our layout, or need one engineer guide onsite.      If order bigger size drying chamber, owing to the limitation of sea transportation, we have to dispatch engineer to abroad, and just assemble part of spray dryer, the main drying chamber should be manufactured at customer's factory. 

We accepted FAT at Yutong factory, customer satisfied with our quality and the electrical components, gave us high tributes for our spray dryers. 

Now LPG-200 is on the road to Vancouver, Canada!

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